When showing emails in HTML format, eM Client adds invisible unreadable characters

When receiving an email with for instance an SQL Query that is formatted… eM client adds unreadable characters. So yo cannot copy the text without those characters… which is pretty annoying!.. switching to text format it works, but in HTML view it produces garbage invisible characters… typically \xa0 chars… 

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it “looks” fine… but if you copy the query from it, it will contain weird chars that messes things up in any SQL editor like TOAD or SQLDeveloper.

If I use any other email client this is not an issue… also web based email like gmail works fine. Only eM has this issue :-/

here are screenshots from Notepad++ which shows the issue. The first one is a copy-paste directly from SQLDeveloper to Notepad++… the second one is copy-paste to a an eM client email and then copied back into Notepad++… see the non-readable chars?.. thats the issue… the original has spaces… 2 on each line (except for the first line)… the eM version has an unreadable char followed by 1 space…

“is this from a specific client” no… any email form any client sent to my email, containing text with line breaks, will end up changed in weird ways… if you copy from word, it will end up with double line breaks for each 1 line break… 

So I am pretty confident that the eM client does not beghave well with html email when the pasted text contains line breaks… and maybe also other formatting will be changed…

It is quite possible that eM Client is interpreting the HTML differently to other email clients. Until something can be done, it might be an idea to ask for the text to be sent as an attachment.

Best option is to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to get this to the developers.

we do send it as an attachement since we found out what was wrong… there are many workarounds :-)…  its just very annoying… I will be opening a case soon… thanks for your input.

Hey there - I’ve got the exact same problem, sending mails between emclient and a linux Roundcube.
I’m using Mailbird as fallback-client and the same mail-content works pretty fine there.

Made a gif of it. Plaintext from Visual Code with spaces (gray dots)

So I am still searching for a solution.

I found out, that the formated HTML-Text is like this in my mailbody:

<div style="color: rgb(36, 41, 46); background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); font-family: Consolas, &quot;Courier New&quot;, monospace; font-size: 16px; text-decoration: none solid rgb(36, 41, 46);">
<span style="color:#D73A49;">Select</span>
<span style="color:#000;">&nbsp;</span>
<span style="color:#D73A49;">*</span>
<span style="color:#000;">&nbsp;</span>
<span style="color:#D73A49;">from</span>
<span style="color:#000;">&nbsp;artikel</span>

The spaces are shown as "&nbsp;" as it is HTML for spaces.

I used this webpage to identify the Dec-Number of the content when I copy a space from the shown Select-Text: 160
160 is the Number for "&nbsp;". What I would except is 32: a normal Space.

So it seems like, many other Programms are placing Dec(32) to the clipboar, when html-text is copied. But em Client uses the text with Dec(160) and that is mixing normal Text with HTML spaces!

The Solution for the developers: String-Replace the 160 to 32 before the text is copied to the clipboard.

Thank you tbi for digging deeper in this matter!
We have several professional licenses, I love to work with emclient, but I am also annoyed by these wrongly interpreted characters when copying mail content to ascii-files or other places.

As the solution seems to be at hand now:
Dear em-team, what do you think, will this issue be solved in the next update?

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This is a kind reminder to bring up that topic again.

@em-team: be so kind to drop a short reply. Thanks.

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I am an IT employee myself and we have a few people who work with Outlook, Thunderbrid or a web client.

I would like to recommend EM-Client for our business, but not with problems that make my own work difficult.

Thanks for keeping this topic alive, I’m curious.

Btw.: “Rightclick / Format / Text” is a fast way, to get the body as text without HTML-Spaces.

Dear EM-Team,

why don’t you answer? We bought commercial licenses and would like to copy text meaningfully!

Just for an easy digest I repeat:

Problem: when copying html-text with emclient, a " " (no-break space) is translated into ASCII 0xA0. -> This is useless.

Solution: " " (no-break space) shall be translated into ASCII 0x20. -> This would be useful.

Thank you for a short reply.

miércoles 29 septiembre 2021 :: 1523hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Nick20

The answers etc on this Forum are from users who give their free time in an attempt to help others.
As you have commercial licenses you should raise a ticket with support.
The eMC support team do not routinely view the Forum - they do from time to time.

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Hey @skybat
thanks for the hint - our support ended some time ago without us ever using it, now I am reluctant to pay for prolongation… anyway, I will try a direct way.

Kind regards

Thanks @ Nick20 for sticking to the problem.

Just to give you a scenario:

If I want to send code to my colleagues, I currently open “Outlook prof 2019” and write the mail there or copy incoming text.

A problem that forces me to use the competition reduces the added value of the product.

I like em-client and would like to stay with it for a long time.

Got an Mail: This will be Fixed in Version 9.


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