When moving a mail to another folder, open the next (or previous) mail rather than closing the mail item window

Currently, if you have a mail item open in its own window and you delete it, the mail item window stays and is refilled with the contents of the next (or previous) mail. I like that! However, if you have a mail item open in its own window and move it to another folder or archive it, the window closes and you’re sent back to the main em Client window and need to double-click manually on the next mail item to get it in its own window. It would be nice if the mail item window behaved the same way on item-move as on item-delete.

It would be even nicer if the behavior after moving a message to a folder were a user option, i.e., open another message or not. I absolutely hate having the next message opened for me when I delete the one I’m viewing.

I totally agree with having a user option to not automatically open the next mail. I want to choose to open the next mail rather than having to go mark it for being Unread so I can tend to it when I’m ready to do that and not mistake it as already dealt with…

Yes, I agree, user option would be even better.

Then again, maybe I just haven’t learned how to make that happen yet. Either way, I’m fine with it.

I hate this feature. How do I turn it off?


In next major release there will be option in settings that will enable close window after delete and/or move.


I see the option for delete but not move/archive. Am I missing something? I really don’t like the next message being opened when I archive a message.