when I turn on NordVPN eM client stops sending emails. It receives but wont send. can I change something to allow them to be sent?

nord VPN wont let eM client send emails. but it will let it receive them.

NordVPN blocks SMTP port 25, which may be what you were using to send your email. So you need to change to something else in eM Client.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the SMTP tab for your account, change the security policy to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy), that will automatically change the port to 465.

If that doesn’t work, you can try port 587 with Force usage of SSL/TLS.

I have done all that but still cannot send emails.  Nord after trying to fix it have given up.

If you disable Nord, can you send your messages?

yes, when NordVPN disconnected mail gets sent immediately. No problem receiving mail. I have tried the 465 and 587 ports etc and have done a whole bunch of Nord tech suggestions bit to no avail.

Of course, I can send using web mail.  Incidentally I use Road Runner as my primary account and also iCloud for some emails - iCloud has no problems sending or receiving. 

So Nord VPN is blocking eM Client. That is all. You need to speak to them because eM Client works fine when their software is disabled. They will be able to help you configure their software correctly.

Yes, I realize that, but NordVPN are unable to determine what is needed to fix the problem. I just thought that perhaps someone in emClient suport may have had the same issue and fixed it.  Thanks anyway

Also, NordVpn’s settings do not allow the user to do much.  Apparently ExpressVPN has more flexibility for the customer/user

If you require feedback from eM Client Support, then you need to open a support ticket with them.

But there is a solution. Nord VPN is blocking eM Client sending messages. If you cannot enable port 465 in the VPN, disable that application.

not sure what you mean by disable that application - what application? - Thx

The problem appears to be Nord - if they cannot tell you how to configure it, disable it.

That is what I have to do each time I wish to send an email using road runner.  But I use NordVPN for other issues like connecting to UK.
Nord does have one nice feature it can be disabled for 5 minutes and then it reconnects. Thanks for your interest Gary

last thing - Would changing to IMAP have any affect?
Also if a change was made to IMAP from POP would anything on emClient be lost?

IMAP is for receiving messages, so it would not make any difference to sending.

If you want to change from POP3 to IMAP, you first need to copy/move all your messages and folders from the POP3 tree to Local Folders, as when you remove the POP3 account, all those folders will be irreversibly deleted. Once you have copied all the messages, remove the POP3 account, then add the IMAP account. Once the IMAP account is setup and syncing with the server, you can move the messages from Local Folder to the IMAP tree.

Before removing accounts, always make a backup using Menu > File > Backup.