When I try to start eM Client I get a window saying it was not closed correctly - runs checks - seems OK but does not start.

When I try to start eM Client I get a window saying it was not closed correctly last time and it needs to run a database check and check for inconsistent data - these checks seem to run OK, the window closes but nothing happens. When I try to start same thing happens again

Same here, after loading the new version last week I get the window saying it was not closed correctly last time, needs to run the database check, but following that it does open. I did migrate my databases and that worked. Once no message content was displayed for any message, just the title, restarting fixed that. It has also crashed 4 - 5 times and seems slower than the version it replaced.

Hello Peter,
since eM Client 7 has a new database it might be slower because it hasn’t loaded all data yet. Are there any error messages? Do you have any IMAP accounts? (If so, enabling Download for offline use might speed up the synchronization - Menu>Tools>Accounts, IMAP tab).

If the program crashed posting the crash report details might help us find the issue.

Hello Michael,
is there perhaps another eM client process running in Windows Task manager? If so, please try ending it.
If that does not help, see if you can open eM Client with empty database - rename your current database folder and then try to start up eM Client.
Default location for Database folder is C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

I am having the same issue with Michael.

After renaming the database folder, then started eM client.  The eM Client Database Check utility starts, then confirms no issue found.  Continues to countdown to close the Database Check utility.  After the Utility closes, nothing happens.  

Confirmed that the database folder was re-created.  Is there anything else we can do to troubleshoot this issue?  

Hi Olivia, Thanks but I don’t think I have any IMAP accounts - I’ve looked at the path you suggested and there is no IMAP tab. I have noticed that once started (I;m using Windows XP) I can close and open eM Client faultlessly. It is only after closing, powering down/up and start eM Client fresh that I get the 'eM CLient was not closed down correctly…) message. I noted the missing ‘body’ of the email being absent quite often, accompanied by a row of tiny dots chaasing across the top line of the message text box. Later it comes good again.
Regards, Peter 

Hello Peter,
can you please tell me what mail accounts do you have set up then? As in, are they Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, …? What setting tabs does each account have in the Menu>Tools>Accounts section?

Hello Weller,
does eM Client run for you with an empty database? Or does it not start at all no matter what the database is?

Hello Olivia,
Thank you for following up.  If I have the original database (the original database folder you had suggested we rename), the eM Client does not run.  It will be stuck at the database check utility (even though the utility finishes checking db).  After renaming the db folder, the database check utility runs fine, but eM client does not run after the utility is closed.  

So I am assuming the eM client will NOT run no matter which database I am using.

Thank you.

Hello Weller,
if you wish to continue troubleshooting the issue please message me at rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum thread. I believe there might be another application blocking the program from running.
Thank you.

Hi Olivia,
I have two Mail accounts both with my Broadband provider, both SMTP/POP3 accounts. The settings tabs they both have are  General, SMTP, POP3 and Diagnostics. Neither have changed recently.
Regards, Peter

Hello Olivia

Doesn’t look like another eM Client process is running - not visible in Task Manager.

Renaming the database folder gives the same response but quicker.  I’ve noticed that a new folder is created in the same location with the name ‘eM Client’ - is that expected?