When I try to delete a message, I get error “Folder has been deleted” meaning the Trash folder.

When I try to delete a message, I get error “Folder has been deleted” meaning the Trash folder. Trash is still there in the folder list. Can’t drag a message to it, either. Can’t delete it, can’t replace it. What’s up?

With which email provider is this Don?

Did you try restarting eM Client?

This is my verizon.net account.  I did restart the app.  Also checked for database corruption.  No luck.

Sometimes it is just easier to remove the email account from eM Client, then add it again. As long as it is IMAP or Exchange, it will just resync and hopefully everything is OK.

Otherwise go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look for any errors in the Log tab.

No errors shown.   The account is a POP account, not IMAP.  Don’t what Exchange means.

Don’t delete the POP3 account yet, as that will delete your messages. 

What you need to do first is enable Local Folders in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders, them move all your POP3 messages and folders to Local Folders.

You can then remove the POP3 account, and then add it again. Afterwards you can move the message back from Local Folders.

Always make a backup using Menu > File > Backup before removing accounts.

OK I will try this later.  Don’t have time now.  I will let you know what happens.  Thanks very much!

Did what you suggested.  It would have worked except for a major problem.  It is a Verizon account, which they foisted onto AOL a few years ago.  AOL stopped accepting the Verizon accounts a long time ago, so when I deleted the account, I could not reactivate it.  (Remembered all this too late.)  Fortunately, I have transitioned most of my EMail contacts to gmail so it’s not a big loss.  Thanks for your help.