When I reply, text goes tiny

I have the format of the mail set to what I like in terms of font and size. However, when I reply to an email, the text of the original email and my reply is suddenly very tiny.

I’ve looked at settings, replies, etc. but can’t seem to figure out what is causing this.

And actually, I have now determined that the email gets sent with the right font size, it is just when I am composing it the font is tiny on my screen.

If I send an email to myself, it is tiny when I am composing it, but then after sending, is the correct font size when I receive it.

I am using eM Client on a new computer and have not had this problem previously.

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Start composing a new message or a reply.

Right-click in the message body and choose Zoom > Original.

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That worked. I did look everywhere to try to solve this before posting == thanks for the reply!