When I MOVE my messages from my gmail to a local folder it desapears

I started using eM recently and it seems all is going smoothly but when I try to MOVE my messages from my gmail accounts to a personal local folder it shows as it is moving but in fact it desapears from my Gmail and it doesn’t apper in my local folder, loosing the message. What to do?

GMail does not actually have folders for sent and received messages, simply an All Mail folder in which messages have labels that are interpreted as “folders”. The issue is that sometimes when moving messages in eM Client, the label is removed from the message. Most likely the messages will still be found in your All Mail folder.

Maybe a GMail user can comment further, but I think that the best procedure is to copy the messages to your Local Folders, then delete them in GMail’s folder when it is done.

Thanks Gary for your quick reply. Yes, in fact if I copy and than delete it works but I consider it a kind of bug because the eM is giving the chance to move but it doesn’t work and also because it always worked when I used to make it in the MS-Outlook.
I hope someone can solve it.

I don’t regularly use GMail with eM Client, so can’t say much more about it other than I know there are some issues with the way GMail is implemented in eM Client. Maybe after the weekend you will get some feedback from other GMail users. Another option, if you have a Pro License, is to open a support ticket.

I have a similar problem.  Sometimes (but not always) when I move a message to a folder in eM Client, it doesn’t show up in the folder to which it was moved. It also doesn’t show up in that folder on the GMail web site. If I search eM Client for, say, the sender’s address, it shows up twice: once in the folder to which I moved it and once in the ‘all’ folder. Since the search list shows the folder to which it was moved, the label can’t have been removed - can it?

If it is showing in the folder to which you moved it, then it was moved. GMail messages will always show additionally in All Mail, no matter which other folder they are in.

What happens if you restart eM Client? Does it then show up correctly?

Nope. And, just to be clear, it didn’t show up in the folder to which it was moved - when I opened the move-to folder, it wasn’t in the message list. It showed up in the search list as belonging to the folder in which it didn’t appear. 

Do you maybe have conversations enabled (Menu > View > Conversations) and it is part of a conversation, so is not immediately visible?

Thanks for the follow up. Conversations are disabled.

I’ve figured it out.  I have a couple of local folders with the same names as imap folders. Only the latter sync with gmail. I don’t know how the local folders got there and I never deliberately put anything in them. I have a lot of imap folders, so the local ones lie below the horizon, so to speak, and I never see them. But when I use the Move To Folder command, I navigate the Select-Folder dialogue by hitting the first letter of the folder I want until the folder name appears. I never noticed that sometimes the first appearance is the local folder of the same name as the imap folder I’m seeking.  And when that happens, the message I’m moving ends up in a local folder.  In Search lists, the Folder column shows folder names only for messages in the local folders (why???) and the Category column  shows categories corresponding to folders only for messages in imap folders - presumably because they are the only ones with folder designations that gmail sees.

I have de-selected ‘Show Local Folders’ and now no local folders appear in the Select-Folder dialog. So no risk of misdirecting a message to a local folder with the same name as the intended imap destination.

Yeah, so being in Local Folders they will not show in the All Mail folder.

Glad you worked it out. :wink: