when I delete an email it sometimes deletes the next one in line as well

When I go through my emails and delete one sometimes it deletes the next one in line as well . How can I correct this?

I have the same problem intermittently. They are not in the trash or spa…just gone. I hope someone can help.

can it be that the mouse ‘bounces’?
Possibly delete the mouse driver from the Device Manager (from Win 7 installed then the new)

I’ve found that when this happens I can go to yahoo mail and the item is still there. Some sort of glitch apparently.

Maybe the message cache in eM Client is corrupted. I am not a Yahoo! user, but on some other services (not GMail) you can right-click on the folder with the missing messages, and choose Properties > Repair. This will force a resync with the server, so they should then be the same.

You may also want to run the database repair function, to check if there are any issues. To do that, close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe

I just remembered that there was also a thread some time back, can’t find it now, where updating the mouse driver solved a similar issue. So try Walter’s suggestion and see if that helps.