When I close (not delete) an email after reading, how can I get the next one in the inbox to open?

New to eM Client so hope this hasn’t already been answered. When I close (not delete) an email after reading, the previous one in the inbox opens automatically. How can I change this so that the next, newer, email opens instead?

I don’t think there is any way to change that, but maybe someone else has an idea.

Are you reading the messages from the Unread Folder? 

Thanks for that. The immediate answer then is to read latest emails first. I tried using the up arrow to access the latest email, which worked, but didn’t mark the first one as read. :frowning:

What if you reverse the order they are displayed in, so oldest first?

You can find that setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List.

Tried reversing the order as you suggest, but all that means is that I now have to scroll down past 100+ emails in the Inbox, every time. Strangely though, the program has now stopped opening another email on closing one, which was my original concern. Odd. Slightly puzzled that there’s no otion to choose opening the next or previous email after closing one. This is a standard option in Outlook, from which I’m a refugee, and the writers of eMClient claim to want to outdo Outlook. Oh well.