When I click on Menu, Help then License does not appear. I can't Activate

Can’t Activate my Free License

If you are using the Mac beta version, there is no license, so it won’t appear.  They have released the final Mac version-- go to https://emclient.com/release-history?os=mac.

If you are using the Windows version, that is strange.  Can you send a screenshot of the menu item?

Possible that it is a Mac version loaded by grandson to my PC. He installed it and he has a Mac

Then it’s the Mac version.  Upgrade to the release version and it should take your license.

I have the same problem with my 2nd PC. I have a PRO license but the Help menu on the new PC installation only has “HELP>Buy PRO Version Subscription” no “HELP>License”???

I know exactly what you mean. im having the same problem and a friend is also, There is nowhere to go once you go to menu-help then nothing and nobody seems to be able to help. i hope
i hope youve solved it as im stumped

What version of eM Client are you using Ben?


OK, so that is a beta version, and as Jay said above, betas do not have licenses, therefor the option is not there in the menu.

Ok. What happens when the 30 trial runs out? Will it not matter?

Betas do not have a 30 day trial, but they will expire some weeks after the official release of version 8.

So how do I get the free version?

Once version 8 is officially released, you can upgrade to that version, then register for and enter your Free License key. If you want to use the application for business use, or need to use more than 2 email accounts, then you will need to purchase a Pro License.

ok thanks. not sure if you can help me with this also but here it goes. I care for an elderly nun {94) and she has been using the free version for the last three months or so until today when it is only operating offline and she can neither send nor receive emails anymore. we tried to copy and paste the afree activation code but she is getting the same lack of an activation screen and is stuck.would it still be the same for her as she has been ok for sometime till now?

If she is on a version 7.x then it requires an activation code for a Free License. That License is only valid for a single computer, so if it is in use on another, it will not work on her computer. In version 7.x, if there is no license activated, and the user is beyond the initial 30 day trial, then the application will not send and receive messages.

So you can register another Free License and activate that, or you can upgrade that computer to the version 8 beta. 

If she is already using the beta, then the issue must be something else. You can find errors in Menu > Operations (Menu > Tools > Operation on version 7) in the Log tab.

ok thanks for all your help ill give that a try on monday. much appreciated