When I click on an e-mail address the application doesn't open but the webmail browser opens. Why"?

Clicking on an e-mail adress on this site will opens the webmail browser and not eM Client desk top. Why?

Can you please make sure that eM Client is your default mail application? Open Control Panel - Programs and check it. Thank you.

Control Panel - Programs - eM Client is nothing to see besides remove or recover.

Sorry, I meant Control panel - Programs - Default programs - Set your default programs. Find eM Client and make sure it is default mailto: application.

It is set as default and cannot be changed. In the application it also is set as default. Clicking on the e-mail address on this site opens the webmail.

Try to temporarily set another default mailto application and then switch it back to eM Client.

I am sorry. It does not work. eM Client is locked as default and eM Client url mailto: only works in the webmail browser.

What OS do you have? Do you have latest version of eM Client (5.0.18025)? And what browser do you use?