When I accept a Calendar invite the sender doesn't get notification!

When I was using Outlook, I would get a meeting invite just like I do now. When I accepted (or declined) the sender would get a notice about it. Now, the meeting gets on to my calendar but the sender doesn’t get any notice!

I have checked around in both eMClient and on Google Apps (my platform) and can’t find this setting. I have a feeling it’s around somewhere! Any tips??

I have the same issue…Can some one help?

Send us your GData log please. Enable GData logging in Tools - Settings - Advanced, simulate the issue and send us the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

I do too. Bug since last update. The meeting invitation reply goes as follows:

Appt. Sender: Sally Sue
Person receiving invite: Bob Builder

Here’s where the reply is sent:

Sally Sue (Should be Sally Sue )

In other words, the reply is going to the replying person instead of the invite originator.

Uggg , You scrubbed the fake email addresses in my example!

Hi, did you send us the GData logs?

I sent the log to EMClient and they confirmed an issue with calendar sharing. They could not give me a fix date. Makes the program unusable for a typical company. We need the scheduling ability… Should be high priority!

contact me directly at [email protected] please - I will send you our internal version which should fix the problem.