when composing an email why does the to box show the person's name and email address

I have used windows live mail and when I compose an email the recipients show up as name only not with the email address attached.
Is there any way to just show name only please?

I don’t believe so. There is an option like this for received mail, but not sending. I think perhaps it might be confusing for contacts with multiple email addresses as it would be difficult to distinguish them.

Thanks for that it makes sense if you list all a persons email addresses under one heading. I personally list them all separately. I can live with it.

Don’t agree at all. Very useful feature in WLM (and other) mail providers. Prevents HUGE and highly detailed Sent list when sending to a large group. Also when composing a large distribution list, same applies. Why not include it and let individual users pick ? It’s enough to persuade me to look elsewhere - sorry. 

I agree with Clive that there is no logically reason to have the entire email address. Just a waste of space. Why won’t emclient correct it or at least make it an option?