When a contact has more than (1) e-mail address, how do I set which one is the defult?

Default contact E-mail address

The first mail address is the Default

Thanks, but I’m using eM client 7, I don’t think that you are.

That’s right, I am on eM client 6, I think it should work on 7 too…
Did you tried…

In eM client 7 they changed the way that you edit contacts.  Its not like eM client 6

the default Mail address is always the first one/one on top.
If you use the Custom view the addresses will be marked as Email, Email 2 and Email 3 etc. in version 7 as well.


Why can’t I set the preferred email address anylonger? VCF has a standard e.g.
EMAIL;TYPE=home, PREF :email@hoster.xx
So with a click one could fix the order (as in version 6!)