WhatsApp Web-Interface

Hello eM client peoples,

just jump in from Mailbird. There is a very nice integration of the WhatsApp Web-Interface via QR code scan. How about this in the new Chromium based version of eM client?

Hello, not really sure what you’re suggesting, eM Client does not support WhatsApp integration, as this is a closed communication protocol, similarly as Facebook chat protocol. We’re working on the new release, but unfortunately the release date is a little belated from what we expected since we started working on the release.

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My suggestion is a widget-like (web)interface to the web.whatsapp.com site where you can scan the QR code and finaly have your Whatsapp chat side by side with your email traffic. As seen in Mailbird for example.

You can use the current widget settings to display a WhatsApp Web widget as well, navigate to widgets, right click the widget area and select “New widget” > New web widget > https://web.whatsapp.com/ , scan the code and run the widget, I just tested it and I’m not having any issues with the option.


Ok, this also an option :slight_smile: Thank You!

Next suggestion or question:

Is it possible to group conversations together? I didn’t found these feature at eM client.

I have tryed the web-widget with https://web.whatsapp.com/
It shows me the side on the screenshot and not the QR code as at my webbrowser.

Hello, sorry about this, unless Internet Explorer is listed below, this might not work with the latest releases of eM Client 6, as the WhatsApp web interface is not supported for IE, good news however is that the new release running on Chromium can handle this, as I was able to run my WhatsApp account in the widget.

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P.S.: Conversation view is also one of the features for the upcoming release of eM Client 7.


Good news, so I have to wait for the new eM client 7.

Hi Paul, not sure if this is a bug but Whatsapp web widget doesn’t save/cache any information it seems - so everytime I restart EM Client the connection to whatsapp is lost and I have to scan the QR code again.

Any thoughts on this ?

Same here, I am trying to visualize my Trello boards from within eM Client, which is great, because I have all my planning within the same app, but everytime I restart I have to log-in again (and I have two-step authentication!). Is there a way to save the logins into the “widgets” so we can use Whatsapp, Trello, or any other similar webapp consistently? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi - Just started using eM Client but I don’t seem to be able to get whatsapp web widget working. Is there a problem with it?

They widget section is meant to display a static HTML page, like a company news page etc. on startup of the application. It is not a web browser, so not meant for interactive web apps. It will not work. Sorry.