What's the shortcut key to insert a signature?

Is there a shortcut key to insert a signature? Attachment is ALT-A since there is a _A_ on the button, but there is none on signature. So how can I do it without the mouse?


Hi Niclas,
unfortunately there’s no shortcut for adding signature. You can set different default signatures for new messages, replies and forwards in menu Tools->Settings->Mail Format->Signatures tab for every account though if it helps. We consider adding more shortcuts to eM Client in the future.


Thank you!

Thanks for the answer, but I think it would be very helpful of you to add such a shortcut for people who don’t want their signature on *every* e-mail. Thanks!

Actually, this is quite old topic. In the meantime we have implemented shortcuts for inserting signatures. Use Ctrl+1, Ctr+2 … and let me know if it works for you.