What's the max number of email address in the "Bcc" field?

Can I send with over 250 recipients in the “Bcc” field? The email appears hung in the Outbox with no error messages. Using latest v6.xxxx. If not, what’s the max?

The number of recipients may be limited by your email provider. Check with them first.

Are you getting any errors? You will find those listed in Menu > Tools > Operations.

I strongly suggest that you upgrade to version 7. Many of the issues that were there in version 6 have since been fixed.

After a Google I learned that eMC v6 has the feature in File->Send as mass mail that solves the problem nicely. It did take 30min to send 250 emails, but it appears there is no upper limit since it breaks the email down to one per recipient. This is good actually vs the recipients in the Bcc field since when they reply I can tell who they are.

Thanks for reply.

The feature is there in version 7 as well. It is quite a powerful function because you can insert variables into the message, so personalizing with the contact’s name etc. can be done.

You should be able to see who the sender is even when they reply to a message that was sent to them as BCC.

OK, thanks.  I will upgrade soon.