What's the difference between "Forward" & "Forward as Original"?


“Forward” function forwards the message inline whereas the “Forward as original” function forwards the message as being a new message.

Thanks for the reply George. Much appreciated. However (being a dumb 67yr old) I am not 100% familiar with all the terminology. Does “inline” mean that everything including previous addresses etc would be forwarded whereas if I forwarded it as “original” everything previous would be cleared and only my details and settings would count. The reason I ask is I always take the time to delete previous addresses when forwarding and previously I did “Forward” an email with “pictures” in it, but all that was received was the red x instead of the pictures. I resent it as “Forward as original” and all was good. Promise not too ask too many questions when version 5 is released.

Yes, you understood it correctly. “Forward” includes previous addresses and additional header (Forwarded by…), subject contains FW etc.
The issue regarding images in forwarded mail has been already fixed - you can expect it in the version 5.0

When I use forward to people in rules, it forwards as Forward Original. Any way to make sure the forward to people rule forwards the email with the previous addressed in the header

We will take a look on it.