What's new in 9.2?

This morning I upgraded to eM 9.2.1222. Is there a “what’s new” list anywhere?
the page at
does not seem to have been updated since 9.0.

On the positive side, filtering a view by tag seems to work now!!! That makes me very happy!
Calvin Powers

lunes 14 noviembre 2022 :: 1241hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @CalvinP

Maybe this will help you…

New Features for v9.2.1222

  • Icons in settings
  • Icons-only mode for the main toolbar
  • Optional Delete button on mouse hover in message list
  • Email suggestion based on addresses from all sent emails
  • Recent history for Copy to/Move to folder keeps last 10 folders even after restart
  • Signatures and QuickTexts for events and tasks
  • New message notification in chat window
  • Online Meeting icon in calendar agenda
  • Search in rules
  • Duplicate button in rules
  • Copy & paste rules
  • Watch for reply custom date
  • Event invite forwarding for Exchange
  • XEP-0363 file upload in chat


  • Improved automatic setup (autodiscover)
  • Event invite forwarding
  • Online meetings support


  • Tags
  • Snooze and Watch for reply sync
  • Caldav Sharing
  • Autoresponder
  • Forwarder
  • Notes


  • Mail archive support
  • Better SmartAttach support
  • XMPP archive support

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Still no Search FOR Foldernames? Or am I blind?