What kind of symbol is this at my empty trash folder?

Hello dear community,

what kind of symbol is in front of an empty trash folder? It looks like 3 dots, but the folder is empty. I recently deleted around 20 emails from it and it’s been there ever since.


As far as I know it means that there are changes to the folder on the server, but the folder has not yet synced with eM Client.

In 8.1 it seems that the Trash folder regularly displays these dots, whereas in earlier versions it was not so.

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A few minutes ago I installed the latest version eM Client 8.1.1021.0, which also has the dots in front of the folder. I log into the account’s web interface and see if there are still any emails there. Otherwise I will create the account again in eM Client

Best Regards David

Great tip Gary, in fact there were 8 emails in the trash that had not been deleted from the server. After manual deletion via the account’s web interface, the points in the eM Client have disappeared. Quiz solved. :smiley: