What is the latest stable version

I understand thet the version listed in the release is no good. If no good why don’t they delete it.

According to eM Client staff, 7.2.36465 contains a major fix for the way that the application loads messages and the user interface, and is an important update because it resolves many previous bugs. When I pointed out that there are many new bugs, making this service release unusable for some, they say that they are not aware of these issues.

7.2.35595.0 is the last version that is stable…for me.
My issue with 7.2.36465.0 was the unchangeable oversized fonts.

Absolutely agree with you!

I’m trying the new version. Have you gone into settings, mail, compose, Preferred format and changed the fonts to what you want. This worked for me. If you do it. on the new mail format it will not stay.Will only work for that one time mail only.

Sometimes it is also the zoom that has changed. To reset use Ctrl + 0. Zoom in is Ctrl + or Ctrl mouse wheel, and zoom out Ctrl - or Ctrl mouse wheel.

I forgot the one thing I don’t like is the bigger header when you open an email. It takes up almost half of screen. They need to work to make it smaller.

The header hasn’t changed at all. 

Here is 7.2.35595.

And here is 7.2.36465.