What is the hot key to quickly check for a partially typed name against contacts on exchange? (like ctrl+k on outlook)

I could start typing a name in the ‘to’ field and press ctrl+k to have all matching names and addresses pop up. Bear in mind, these contacts are not there in my address book, but on the exchange server I think (this is my college email account).

I would really appreciate that feature in emclient

sorry but this is currently not a feature of eM Client,
I’ll make this topic an idea, so other users can vote on it and
maybe we can add this feature in future releases.

Thank you for pointing this out,

We autocomplete the names after you type at least three characters and stop typing for ~550ms. If it doesn’t work for you please enable “Exchange Web Services” logs in Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Diagnostic logs and send us the logs to support@emclient.com.

Can the autocomplete lookup time be adjusted?