What is the equivalent of CreateObject("Outlook.Application") in eM Client ?

I want to write a script that attaches a PDF to the email from another application.

This might be a really dumb question, but why would you need a script to attach a .pdf file?  There’s a little icon on the menu where you can use that to attach a file.  I just did that today.  Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing?  Or, you can just drag and drop the .pdf  onto the mail.

I develop programs based on Visual Foxpro and in this context I need a procedure to automatically attach PDF files to emails, which would be far too time-consuming to do manually. With Outlook it worked just fine.
oApp = createobject (“Outlook.Application”)
oNS = oApp.GetNameSpace (“MAPI”)
.Attachments.Add (MailAttachmentsAdd (KK))
.send ()

OH!  That’s interesting!  If you do a lot of emails I can see where this would be nice to have.  I only send pdf files to two people, once a month.  I hope you can find a solution to your problem.  Thanks for explaining this to me. Now I know more than I did yesterday!