What is the difference between the local folder-tree and the archiv folder-tree

I have two Folder-trees below my email-Folders. What
are the difference between this two Folder-trees? The Archive-Tree I understand, it will produced while archiving. But what with the local-folder tree. How can I delete the local Folder-tree? I would like to have my emails either in the standard email-folder or then archived.

Thanks for helping.


You can first delete mails from the local folder (make sure you back them up if you don’t want to lose them) and then go to Tools>Settings>General and uncheck the “Show Local Folders” checkbox.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your answer. I have done it, as you have suggested.

But again, could you explain me, about the local Folders, there must be generated itself. But for what reason are they?

Local folders contain messages downloaded to your machine. That’s either done automatically when one uses POP3 where (normally) no copies are kept on the server and no other folder than INBOX is provided. Or you use them for local storage of messages you do not want to keep on the server (archiving, privacy, running out of space …).

Thanks for you answer!

In my case, the Archive-Folder is “local” and not on the Server. My archive Folder was generated by the Archive-Process of the eMClient itself.

But ok. I understand it now.