What is "private event" status?

When creating event, there is a checkbox labelled “Private Event.” The help information is useless when it just says that it give the even Private Status. Can anyone tell me what the Private Event status means to the user?

A private event is an event that appears in a shared calendar, but the details are hidden from the other members. So someone else viewing the calendar will just see the time blocked out as busy.

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Hey, where using our mail accounts from https://www.ionos.de/

There is no problem with the integration of mail or (shared) calendars.

But when I’m checking the private event mark, the event is not shown on my collegues.

In Thunderbird you can choose between show or hide private events, but I think emClient hides the events completly.

I’m using cmClient 8.2.1659 (845a639) (Lifetime license) on Windows 10.


As @Gary says above, if you select private event, the event details are hidden from other event members or colleagues & they on see busy when they view the calendar. So you will need to “deselect” private if you want them to see it.

Thank you.

In my case they’re not seeing my private event at all.

In other clients (e.g. Thunderbird) and on the webinterface of our email provider (https://www.ionos.de/) you can choose three different types / states of event.

  1. Normal event > everyone can see the event and all details
  2. Private event > everyone can see the event but no details
  3. Secret event > no one (except of me of course) can see the event

When I choose the private event in emClient it will be a secret event, so no one can see it.
I think it would be better to choose whether my collegues can see the event (with no details) or completly hide the event.


In my case they’re not seeing my private event at all.

That’s strange other members are not seeing your private event scheduled time blocked out as “Busy” in that time slot as Gary advised.

I’ll do a private event in V9 Beta from a Google shared calendar to test if others see busy or not. This should be identical to V8 as well.

I just had a friend create a shared public Google Calendar with a “Private event as Busy” and their shared Calendar event then (appeared ok) in (the Google Calendar they shared) to me within eM Client, and did show as “No Title” and Busy / Private at that time.

I also did that visa versa and my private shared / busy event also showed ok at their end via my shared calendar to them as well in eM Client.

To get that to work when we each created the private / busy events in our shared public Google Calendars, we had to (within the event) also add their name as a “Attendee, Participant” on the list or the private / busy event didn’t appear in the other calendars.

So if the Private / Busy events do not show up for you or them using yours or their shared Calendars, could be you also have to add their name as “Attendee, Participant” (within that event) as well to make it appear and not just create the shared private / busy event. That’s just how that seemed to work for us using Google shared Calendars.

(Example created the Private / Busy event in eM Client & add the Attendee, Participant when we created it)

@cyberzork Thank you very much for your investigations.

I think it is not a common use case, that I invite my collegues to a personal event (event for my hairdresser or swimming with my kids :slight_smile: ) only to show the events in their calendar.
But I want to show them that I’m busy at that time.

I don’t think that the current implementation of private event is a bug, but we should consider to add a feature request to support events that should private and are shown in shared calendars.

@cyberzork Do you know, how to add some kind of feature request?


Do you know, how to add some kind of feature request?

To change this to a feature request would need to be changed at the top of the thread by the original poster @JMac or by one of the moderators such as @Gary.

Or create a new thread for a feature request for what you would like to see.

@Gary: Could you please change this thread to a feature request or should I create my own feature request?