What is new in eM Client 6.0.19849?

Where can I find the ‘history / changelog’ for eM Client 6.0.19849?

HI, in one of your previous posts I have wrote you taht we have no public changelog.

Only changelog we show to users is that one when you are informed about new version by eM Client,


I know you wrote that you don’t have a changelog on your website.

But I still would like to see a changelog…even without having to check for updates in eM Client.

What if I’ve already installed the update? How can I then see what has changed in that update?

Having a changelog might give people the indication whether that specific update will solve the issues they have been experiencing. It might stimulate them to install an update.

It might also give an indication to pay attention to areas in the software which have been changed…to check those specific areas for example.

I can give you public release notes, but we really do not plan to make it linkable and/or to share internal version fixes.



  • Resolved issue with number of weeks in calendar’s month view


  • Address the EDT timezone transition issue


  • Updated SQLite DLL to workaround problem on Athlon CPUs
  • Fixed times for recurring appointments on Exchange servers


  • Fixes for Exchange synchronization
  • Fixed daylight saving time zone conversion for southern hemisphere
  • Fixed displaying of folders for imported Gmail POP3 accounts
  • Fixed several issues with uploads to Google Calendar
  • Fixed out of memory issue with picture attachments
  • Detect Junk e-mail folder on Outlook.com accounts
  • Fixed issue with displaying distribution lists on iCloud
  • Localization updates
  • General bug fixes