What is dummy?

In the trash of a gmail account there are some mails from dummy_at_example.org.
They are not in Gmail on line, and they disappeared 5 minutes later.

What is it?

Solved in http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.196… version


It was very funny :slight_smile:

I have v6.0.196.0 and I still get dummy messages. What should I do?

HI, could you please open Help - about and place it near your inbox with dummy email and make a screenshot and then post it here?

plus tell me what protocol and email service provider do you use.


eM client deletes emails in a two-step process, first converting/replacing the message with “[email protected]”, before actually deleting it.  You’re probably seeing deleted messages that for some reason stalled half-way through being deleted.

You normally can’t see this two-step behaviour, but if you’re RDP’ing  into your computer over a slow or busy connection, sometimes you’ll see each individual screen repaint a program makes, and in that case you can see it happen that way.  (That’s how I know it works like this).