What is considered an account?

As the description and information pages do not specify - what is considered an account for the free version?

Is this 2 email accounts or does this mean that I can have 1 email account and 1 calendar, or 1 email account and 1 chat, or 1 email and 1 contact configured?

The reason I ask is that while eM says “Accounts” in the setup, I wouldn’t consider that connecting to my Gmail and importing my contacts an account.

Hi Roger, if you add a gmail account, synchronizing your calendars/contacts is not an account, as you’re still using the same account for the service.
Everytime you setup an account using the “Create a new account” an extra account will be crated.

If you go to Tools > Accounts you can see a list of your accounts, 1 item in the list = 1 account.

Hope this helps,