What happened to my thread about certificates

I wanted to read the message again about certificates in my thread about certificates and there is no message there for me to read anymore. Where can I find my thread with the replies?

This one?:

Try: Click on your picture/preferences/Activities

Yes. Why was it greyed out?

Where is my picture? I don’t see a picture.

Are you talking about the avatar that is to the upper left in the right hand side message pane? When I click on that nothing happens. I don’t see preferences - activities.

And I was wondering if I can upload a custom photo for my avatar.

Where are you seeing your picture? Are you talking about the emClient interface or this website forum?

Click the picture or whatever it is called
click preferences
click preferences

What picture are you referring to?

I showed you in a previous response

Are you talking about where it says on this forum 357mag the yellow circle? When I click on that it does not say preferences.


At the very “top right” of eM Client forum webpage you will see your round profile icon / avatar as @sunriseal advised above.

Click that round icon and you will see four icons appear underneath.

Next click the “Far right icon” that appears which looks like a small person and that will open a page with Summary, Activity, Invites, Drafts, Preferances & logout.

Click Preferances and there you can edit your Round profile icon / avatar with whatever picture you want.

Okay I see it now. I was wondering how a person could get a custom photo in the emClient software. I read that you can’t do it with emClient but you can with Gravatar, so I joined but when I got the activation link it took me to a page that I did not see a thing about loading a custom image into emClient.

This software is way too complicated to use.


If you want an Avatar icon that “others see when they receive your email” including eM Client, then you need to create a Gravatar.

Quote from @Gary post from following thread.


“Create a Gravatar account for your email address, and add an image there. Thereafter all recipients whose applications support avatars (like eM Client) will get the image from Gravatar automatically”.

Alt if you have a eg: Google account and Gmail address, you can set a custom photo there which also works as a Gravatar icon for others to see (including eM Client) as in my own profile pic.