What does the ellipsis (3 dots) next to inbox mean for IMAP account?

Sometimes I’ll get an email that syncs to my Android phones, but my em client instances don’t actually receive it. Instead, I’ll get the 3 dots next to Inbox. Sometimes it eventually shows the email, sometimes a manual refresh works. Sometimes I need to repair the folder. My mail server is hMailServer.

What do these dots actually mean? How can I resolve this issue? Thanks.

emclient dots

I started off using version 8 and noticed this a lot. Messages would show up under “All Mail” but not under my inbox, I would have to force a repair to fix it. Like you said, sometimes it comes right into the inbox and other times not. Guessing it’s a bug. Definitely related to IMAP.

Switched down to version 7 and it happens there too.

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this? It’s very annoying when there’s no way to download a particular new email on any of my emclient instances (so the issue is not just that particular instance, btw) that shows up on all my android phones.

Yep, I uninstalled emClient and swtiched back to using my web interface. Shame because I like emClient but it’s not worth the hassle of the bugs. :confused: