What do you use for Client Side Spam protection?

Pretty much the topic. I have multiple accounts and I enjoy EM Client for what it does. However my non gmail accounts get a horrible amount of spam. On my Mac days I used spamsieve which was wonderful. However, there is no windows version and likely never will be.

I do not want a cloud based system where I have to check yet another application. I need something that works with EM Client and is local to my system that doesn’t require me to check some other piece of software (Mailwasher for example).
Anybody using anything like this? Blacklisting is useless

Can we blacklist entire .something? as in "@.ru " would be good seeing as I know nobody there.

I have been using POPFILE for over 12 years on many different email apps… works well for me on Windows 10, as it has on Windows 8, 7, etc



Check it out…

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Thank YOU! I’ll give it a whirl. It has truly been my only real complaint with EM Client.

I’m in heaven! I can’t believe as old as it is, it still works. I understand how to train it. Love the idea of buckets, actually have imap running which was easier than pop3 to setup. Don’t know why this wouldn’t pop up on any search engines but I love it so far. Too bad it’s not in active development anymore :frowning: :disappointed:


GREAT! I have wondered for years why it was such a secret, myself.
It is OLD, but so am I but still functional :rofl: :rofl:

After you use it for awhile you may find that there isn’t much to “develop” other than to be able to incorporate some functions into the email app rather than having to do it manually.

I use it on POP3 and it was a challenge to set it up originally.

Any “classification errors” you resolve will take immediately… every one in awhile you will see some spam come thru, mostly because the spammers are trying something new… quickly extinguished by a few mouse clicks

Good luck…

Bringing this topic back up three years later

POPFILE is no longer available for Mac OS X

Anyone using a reliable spam filter in conjunction with eMClient on the Mac platform?

Mailwasher Pro looks interesting but it has mixed reviews across the Internet – some warnings not to use it – so I am a bit apprehensive.

jueves 06 julio 2023 :: 1356hrs (UTC +0100)

I have been using MWES for years, I have never had an issue, but of course you need to make your own decision.


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