what are these error messages and are they important?

Why am I getting these messages?  It pops up a dozen times a day.  I click Ignore but it just keeps coming back.  My other email software didn’t do this… help!

As it is an IMAP account, I would suggest removing the account from eM Client, then re-adding it.

Hi Gary, thank you for responding so quickly.  Reading your response, before removing the account, I thought I’d change a few settings to see if the errors would go away.  They did not.  So, I removed the account, exited eM Client, restarted Windows, added the Hotmail account, and the same errors still occur.  At first after adding the account, it seemed that no errors were occurring.  But later in the day the errors occurred, just like the original screenshot I provided.  Now, just like before, they are occurring all the time.  When I go into Outlook Mail (on-line version), no errors occur.  Any suggestions?  Thanks again.

It may have something to do with Outlook.com’s IMAP implementation. You could contact their support and tell them you get this error when connecting via IMAP.

Another option is to setup your account as Exchange, and see if that makes any difference.

Thanks again for your help Gary.  I tried looking how to get support for Outlook.com and can’t find any.  Do you know a link or email I can use?  I also have no idea how to setup my account as Exchange.  Because of this old Hotmail account, am I just out of luck because it is no longer supported?  Or will it still work?  

In Outlook.com you can click on the ? icon in the top right of the screen, then at the bottom of the list is a menu item Help. You type in your query and are given some options, but there is a question at the end that asks if you still need help. That will email your question to their support. May take a few days, and a few automated responses, but you will eventually get a real person.

You can setup your account as Exchange by going to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Delete your old account by clicking on the bin icon, then add a new one by clicking on the + icon.

Instead of using the Automatic Setup, click on Mail > Exchange. Enter your account details. You can also use the Outlook option on that screen. Slightly different implementation but it also works; probably better than the Exchange option as you get a real-time sync with the server rather than a timed one.