Weird display in email previews and fullview


on a fresh installation on a Mac OS X 10,11 (El Capitan) late 2009 iMac
latest eM Client
In both email preview and full view panes, the actual content of the email is displayed in a small frame instead of the whole window … And just above, a bunch of information that in my opinion is not supposed to be displayed.
See attached screenshot
I’ve never experienced this on Windows versions of the software

Any idea, maybe a specific setting on Mac Os which I’m missing ?
Any help very much appreciated :slight_smile:

That is strange. I personally haven’t seen this happening with Mac OS Catalina, Big Sur or Monterey using the latest V8.2.1687.

If this happens on every email, i would maybe suggest to “try an older version” of eM Client for Mac being El Capitan is a very old OS now and no longer supported by Apple and could be the latest version of EMC for Mac is not designed for that older OS.

Another user on this forum who had El Capitan said V8.2 (1478) seems to work ok, so maybe suggest to uninstall your current version and try this version from the version history page

If this issue happens with “only specific emails”, it might be the “senders email client” that might possibly be incompatiable in some way with eM Client. Do you know which email client they use ?.

I would even suggest for your older Mac OS is to (try the latest version 7.x) of eM Client if you cannot get any V8.x to work correctly from the version history page. See if that fixes the issue.

(Latest version 7 eM Client for Mac)


Monday, February 24, 2020

eM Client for Mac 7.2 Service Update

  • Fixed occasional crashes during scrolling
  • A few other fixes

You were right ! Downgrading to V8.2 (1478) works for me too :slight_smile:
Some legacy OSX support must have been dropped in the latest version in order to “improve support for Monterey” maybe :wink:
Thank you very much for you help.

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When you downgraded, you deleted the database?

What happens if you now upgrade to

Is the display the same?

I think I did delete the database, because I also removed all personal files…
I upgraded to v8.2.1687 and the problem appears again.
So I will have to stick to 1478, which is fine for me.