Weird Behavior - No email accounts at start


I am just testing the program on windows 7. And when I installed the program it installed on C and put its data on some folders, that I do not like any data to be in. I like to have C as Drive for most important programs and OS only. And all data be encrypted on different drives. That then easily can be backuped.

So I checked what I can change in the settings and put the archive folder and a second one to a folder on drive I.

Since then, when I start the program, I have no email accounts and see no folders for that accounts.

When I set up an existing but lost account again. Magically the emails and folders appear again.

But when I close the program and start it again. We are at no accounts again.

I tried to repair installation, but that did not change anything.

So what can I do without leaving my data on a drive C that is not save and for installations only. Data must be on a different drive.

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Ok, I could fix it…
The folders from the save location need to be manually transfered to the new save path.

First off i would personally not reccomend to be running Windows 7 as its no longer supported by Microsoft and you could get hacked etc. Also there is no gaurantee that the latest eM Client versions will even work properly on that older OS due to lots of changes over the years.

As to your question, you can certainly change the Database Storage location in eM Client settings (which also holds your account) via “Menu / Settings / General / Storage”. If you change the location of database, you need to copy the current database folder complete to the new location / path after changing it or you will just end up with blank accounts.

I believe the Archive is part of the Database Storage location and cannot normally be changed. However i am sure someone will update this thread if that is not the case.

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I did not ask for recommendations on OS… But if you want to discuss this:

I will not update to any OS that collect data on my behavior, force updates on me or have a paid subscription model. I carefully selected which patches to apply to Windows 7 to have a reasonable clean system.

The thing is: Every OS has vulnerabilities and exploits because the complexity of the systems. But hackers usually move to where the most money is. And that makes Windows 7 more save the more people migrate. Who would attack Windows XP at this time? Even if you would do a server farm botnet or something, you would not like the PC running old hardware with old software…

Also Windows 7 support has been cut to sell new products. I do not support this kind of marketing. Windows 7 is the last Windows for me. All my computers still run perfectly with it.

lunes 13 diciembre 2021 :: 1730hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @sonrix

The install location is pre-set to C:\ with as you have discovered various files, database etc being installed elsewhere - as it happens I also prefer to be able to install where I want and modified the install routine to allow this; my eMC installation is with everything on E:\

As @cyberzork says if you choose to change database location you can do this:
Menu ->Settings ->General -)Storage
However, you MUST copy the database file from the default location to the new
Failure to do this will cause the situation that you have
Archive files are within the Database and cannot be separated

Have you now done all of this and resolved your problem?

Personally I have no interest in whether you choose to update on not, however, in my opinion you are probably more likely to expose yourself to the chance of hacking or whatever by not updating not least becaue you no longer receive security updates.

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