Website pricing bug

The personal 1-year Personal subscription shows up as $129.95 if you do the following:

Go to Pricing | The best email client for Windows and Mac | eM Client
Click on 1-time payment
Click on lifetime upgrades
Scroll to the bottom and click on “See all features”
Click BACK in your browser.
BOOM - Price is WAY wrong AND the BUY button does not work.

You chose a one-time payment, not a subscription. They are different license types.

You can find out more about the license types here: eM Client: Changes coming to our licensing model | eM Client

The price looks a little cheap for a Personal license with lifetime upgrades. It should be $149.95, but it is slightly different depending on your location.

But I think maybe your browser is not redrawing the page correctly when you go back.

What browser are you using?

Can you try a different browser and see if you have the same issue?

I know what the various options are. I’m simply letting you know about a website bug. I tried it on Edge and Chrome, same result.

Yes, it DOES properly show $149.95 when I first click on lifetime. But then after I Scroll to the bottom and click on “See all features”, and then click back, it changes (by itself) back to Subscription and the price changes to $129.95 as seen in the picture.

I just installed FireFox and tried it. Same result. $129.95 for the subscription after following those steps. The browser doesn’t seem to matter.

I am not able to reproduce it, but thank you for reporting it.

viernes 05 julio 2024 :: 1218hrs (UTC +0100)

It works correctly for me in Spain with Chrome, Edge & Firefox.
Also had colleagues in New York & Montreal check. Also gave correct result.
Is it possible your system is not clearing browser cache?

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I also asked someone else to try it a few times, and while they were not able to reproduce what I am seeing, they said that sometimes the Business 10-pack subscription shows $49.95 instead of $208.95.

I could also “not replicate any wrong pricing” in Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Agree with @skybat it sounds like a browser cache or cookie problem to me. I reset all the browsers to default.

I figured out how to reproduce this every time, even on a brand new computer.
In Chrome, install the Bitwarden extension. That is a popular extension that saves passwords. All you have to do is install the extension, you don’t have to actually sign up or log in to Bitwarden or anything. As long as that extension is enabled, you should be able to reproduce this issue using my steps above.