Webroot SecureAnywhere quarantines dbbackup on latest release

DBBackup version 6.0.24316.0 is being flagged by Webroot SecureAnywhere as containing Superweb PUA (potentially unwanted application.). I rescued file from quarantine and will do a backup to see if there is any adware. Is this something you are aware of?
Infection detected: c:\program files (x86)\em client\dbbackup.exe [MD5: 3734DAAC5334A2B7A512B096B562DC2D] [3/00081000] [Pua.Superweb]

Did you raise a ticket to report an FP?  WSA often picks up FPs on Heuristics when using the ‘middle’ choice that includes popularity and age. I always used to get them when I updated my office software that used a certain ‘packer’ (7z) 

Not yet. I do have to report that I ran my scheduled task to do a weekly backup and it ran but only created a partial and unreadable zip file. I re-ran the scheduled task and it then ran fine and to completion. That was a bit disconcerting.  In any case, yes I would say this is a false positive … and as a webroot user for years this is their first FP for me. The heuristics were set as you say, btw.

FP reported to Webroot. Thanks DavidC for your rapid reply and guidance!

Webroot acknowledged this as a False Positive and updated their defs. Follow their process to rescue from quarantine if this affected you. 

Hi Ken,
thank you for sharing the solution of your issue here on the forum, as we have not encountered this before.