"Watch for reply" suggestions

“Watch for reply” is a really useful feature, but there are a couple of suggestions I would make to improve it.

1. Be able to change the folder name “Unreplied” or change the name to “Watched”.

I think the name is not clear and is confusing.

To me, this name could mean I have not replied to an e-mail, not necessarily that someone hasn’t replied to me.

Also, based on its name, I would expect it to show any e-mail that has not been responded to.

(On this note, it would be useful if there was a feature to show all e-mails not replied to, whether I have not or someone has not replied to me. Some clients have this as a search filter. It would be great to see it in eMClient.)

Or, if it needs to be a set name, why not call it “Watched”?

2. Have a column to show watched e-mails.

That way, in the e-mail List pane, you can see which e-mails are being watched.

3. Have a note/icon on the e-mail saying it is being watched.

Similar to the “You replied to this e-mail on…” note.

4. An icon on the email List pane when there is no column.

Similar to the tracking icon or attachment icon.

I hope these things can be considered. Hopefully they should not be too difficult to achieve.

5. Watched e-mails should not be removed from the “Unreplied” list automatically just because a week has passed.

After a week, watched e-mails that have not been replied to disappear from the “Unreplied” list.

This is not helpful, as I don’t want to stop watching for a reply just because a week has passed.

So I then have to go back and find the e-mails that have been automatically removed and mark them to watch again.

They should only be removed manually.

(I would also suggest a new area where watched e-mails that have been replied to are clearly displayed, although this isn’t quite as necessary as, of course, they will be in your inbox.)

6. Have an icon on an e-mail that was been watched, when a reply has been received.

Just to remind you it was a watched e-mail, and it has a response now.