Watch for replies

i want to use now the Watch for replies
So i understand how it works but i never get any message if the contact send no answer.
And - If the contact sned an answer the mail is still in the folder unreplied. Normally this mail should disappear if i got an answer.
Thank you

miércoles 24 noviembre 2021 :: 1728hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Marco76

You do not say the version of eMC you are using, however, ‘Watch for Reply’ is only available with Pro eMC

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If you Watch For Reply, choosing Notify me when relied, and the recipient never replies to the message, you will not be notified.

If the recipient replied, it depends on if they actually replied to your message by clicking reply, and if their email application also included the reply to header information. If you have conversations enabled in eM Client, and this reply does not form part of the conversation, then the reply is not considered a reply to your original message.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi, i use Version 8.2.1659 and PRO
Yes - tried it with test Mail and answered to this Mail.
Anyway thank you for answers