Want to display accounts seperately

I am using the free version of eM Client Version 7.1.33101.0. Smart folders is a good idea and I would love it if I could turn them on and off. My problem is ts=hat I want to keep the accounts seperstely and can’t figure out how to do that as all email is moved directly to the “Local” folder so I can’t track the sender

Smart folders show filtered views of other folders. You can select which to show by right-click on any of the existing Smart Folders.

If you want to create your own with custom filters, select New Search Folder, then you can create a Search folder for all email from a specific sender. You will find more on this in the Help File (F1).

When setting up your email accounts in eM Client, if using IMAP or Exchange, the accounts will always have their own set of folders. If setup as POP3, the default option is to have separate folders for each account, but you can also specify that they use shared folders.

If this is what you have done, then you need to setup the accounts again, and ensure that you don’t select the Local Folders option.