Want to buy pro, but... wtf

I was just about to buy the pro version for $49 when I noticed there is a tickbox called “lifetime upgrades”… which makes it cost double.
If i buy the pro, I will not get any upgrades? wft

You will get upgrades for the current major version. All bug fixes and minor updates. New major version can then be purchased for a much lower price. This is a standard model for software updates I think. Major version is about to come once-twice a year.

I thought I finally found a good email client for a normal price. But then I have to pay 2 times per year just to get an update? Almost all software I purchased comes with updates… Imagine buying a game with several bugs in it and you have to pay each time a new patch comes out? I love eMclient, but it would be really frustrating to pay for each update… and $100 is too much. Can’t we find a middle way?

You do not need to pay twice a year. When you purchase PRO version, you get one year of free upgrades (regardless if it is a minor or major upgrade).

The other guy said I only get updates for the current major version I have and pay only for major updates… Which one is correct?

Please disregard my previous answer. We changed our pricing/updates model recently and I was not informed.

So I don’t get any major updates at all?

You will get the current major version 5 and all the minor updates. If you decide to switch to newer version (6) you will have to pay renewal fee.

So how much is the renewal price then?

It is about 20 USD.