Want a list of header "Name: Value" pairs? Are these documented?

I’ve been trying to defeat the spam-bots by using the useful header search function in my rules. But the documentation is very poor in this area.

Three questions:

  1. Does anyone have a list of all the possible header “Names” that can be searched on? Is it literally anything you can find in the header? Is this documented anywhere?
  2. What is the syntax of the “Value” part of this for search purposes? How is this parsed? I tried putting in a value with a space and it didn’t work. Do I need to use quotes? How is it delimited?
  3. Are there any ways to use regular expressions (other than simple * and ?)?

viernes 02 febrero 2024 :: 2110hrs (UTC +0100)

The first thing to note is that eMC does not have an anti-spam feature and relies on the email provider server to carry out an anti-spam function and then reacts to this.
I know that some users attempt to create rules to solve the issue of Spam (I only use Rules to move messages to specific folders) personally I do not do this and use an antispam program, a search will show a few programs some of which specifically mention eMC.
I can not help you with your questions #1 & #2 other than to suggest you use F1 to launch eMC Help when the program is open.
Question #3 No eMC does not have RegEx capability, the program I use does if you know how to compile RegEx strings.

Maybe someone else can give you specific help with Rules.

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