W11 Network Initialisation Issues

The following issues seemed to have progressed from ok on W10 to worse on a W11 rig.
The default account is a hosted Exchange Web Services account.
There is a “connection failed” on the account on first startup of EM Client after boot.

Nothing corrects this until EM Client has been alive for around 30 minutes, see log:

2:57:43 PM [email protected] [Exchange Web Services] System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled.
at MailClient.Storage.Synchronization.FolderSynchronizerExtensions.SynchronizeSubfoldersAsync(IFolderSynchronizer synchronizer, Folder folder, SynchronizationPriority priority, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeAccount.SynchronizeIntAsync(Boolean forced)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.SynchronizableMailAccount.<>c__DisplayClass7_0.<b__0>d.MoveNext()
GUIStatus_Exception_Reported = True

For this same initialization time of 30 minutes, the other five accounts are “synchronizing folder list” until all of a sudden everything works,
This obviously isn’t a problem with EM Client, rather something weird going on with the network configuration. A situation arose a while back when turning the machine on after a few months of idle, internet instantly available in the browser as it is now (no wifi on mobo unless they lied), but no ethernet reported in the CP. Issue partially resolved. Have tried a few tweaks and twiddles like netsh int ipv4 reset, there might yet turn up something that may help.

Oh, brain fail, clean forgot about the hosts file issue.
The default W10 bootup is a bit different in that it doesn’t load user accounts until DNS Client has initialised, which is preferred because you don’t get event errors filling up the logs and various apps complaining as much. Chrome doesn’t care though. :slight_smile: