VPN Compatability

I am using Kaspersky’s Secure Connect VPN service. eM Client won’t connect while it is on. I have to turn it off in order to download my email but I don’t need to do that when I go to Xfinity to get my email. This is not ok for me as I do not like unsecuring my connection. Is there a way to remedy this problem?

@Lane_Merrill I personally have seen lots of issues with many different email clients with VPN’s and just don’t use them anymore. You have to configure them specially to work with email clients & firewalls, but in alot of cases they still block & interfere with email clients most of the time even when configured. I would suggest to contact your VPN support for help via their website https://support.kaspersky.com/consumer or https://community.kaspersky.com/

lunes 12 octubre 2020 :: 0940hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Lane_Merrill

If it’s of any interest…
I also had a problem with Kaspersky that I gave up trying to resolve and like @cyberzork whilst trying to find an alternative discovered that the majority have issues with emails & firewalls.
I use an anti-spam program Mailwasher Pro by Firetrust and have done since 2005.
During the period I was having VPN problems Firetrust at https://www.firetrust.com launched their own VPN - HideAway. I used this for several months on trial (they’ve now cut back on the trial period) that apart from a problem with Malwarebytes, which was quickly resolved, works perfectly for me, I’ve never had any email, firewall or other issues. I use it all the time and have now bought a lifetime license.

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