Voice to text on eM

How can I install voice to text on eM Client please?

This is already built into your OS if you are using Windows 10.

It is really quite good for dictating long pieces of text. You can find out more at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027176

It didn’t work and I presumed this was because I am using a non-Microsoft product?

Once you have setup Windows 10 to accept speech recognition, and it is working, start a new message in eM Client, then use the Windows button + H to begin dictation. Will work with any application as far as I know.

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Thanks but how do you do that first bit please? I just tried windows + H. I also use Open Office where it does not work.

Use your preferred search engine. You will find both Windows Help articles on setting it up, and also quite a few good troubleshooting links if it is not working.

Yes windows plus H works. In fact that’s what I’m using to type this forum comment. I tried turning on speech recognition and got the small icon at the top of the screen but that didn’t work for typing in eM client, however using the windows key plus H brought up a larger dictation box at the top of the screen with a microphone on the left hand side and it says listening in the box. When you when you click the microphone box it says initializing and then “listening” once it says listening you should be good to go as long as your microphone is set up etc.


Yes thank you - it works now as you said!

This audio to text converter you don’t need to install; you can use it as an alternative.

You would better try audio to text converter. It has many helpful features, including an in-build editor, a wide range of pricing plans and free options.