Visibility of new emails

When I collapse all my folders I expect to be alerted to new emails arriving in any of my sub-folders. For example, if 5 new emaiIs arrive and they are moved (because of rules I have made) to various sub-folders, I expect to see the number 5, in bold, appear next to the main inbox folder. I would then drill down to see which of the sub-folders had received the new mail.

I ask because today I received an email that was moved to a folder 2 levels deep but I couldn’t see it when all my sub-folders were collapsed.

Not sure why this question hasn’t been answered but I think it’s important.

I have a lot of rules in place that store emails from certain people in folders named after them. I don’t want all of these folders to be permanently visible and prefer to collapse them all. The problem is that no number then appears next to “Inbox” to tell me that there are new messages in one or more of the hidden folders.

I could, of course, leave these messages in the inbox and then drag them into the appropriate folders - but surely that’s the point of having rules isn’t it?

The Unread Smart Folder serves that purpose, displaying all unread messages regardless of their location. You can even configure the message list for that folder to display a folder column, so you know where they are.

The unread count next to each folder is just for that specific folder only, not it’s subfolders. I think it would be confusing if the Inbox showed 20 unread when in fact it only had 5, but another 15 in collapsed sub-folders. But that is my opinion. :wink: