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I am a new user of eM Client and I am already excited with it’s features. I am actually thinking of buying it but I do not understand the difference of the pro license with the free license. For example, what is the VIP support?

VIP support allows users of the Pro version to get tech support quicker when they have a problem they can’t solve and need help.   The Pro version also allows one to have access to more than two email accounts via the software.  Since I, personally, have 4 email accounts I will opt for the Pro version when my trial of that version ends in 30 days.  I’m a very new user, too. 

The $50 it costs for the Pro version is a small price to pay to have an email client that can retrieve all my old Windows Live Mail 2012 saved emails and folders.  I was even able to retrieve all my email contacts and calendar events in eM Client. This eM Client software has been a life saver for me.  

Background Info: Running Windows 10 Pro and Windows Live Mail is no longer supported by Microsoft and I recently had a computer crash while it was open that has since locked me out of it. Uninstalling Windows Live Mail and re-installing it just does not work - the program will no longer start, period, even after using System Mechanic (commercial software) to clean the Registry. 


What mustangace said is pretty much spot on - VIP support allows you access to a separate support system with a guaranteed response time and remote support.

One key difference is also that the Free version is only allowed for personal use, while Pro can be used for commercial purposes as well.


What happened to VIP support? I am a pro user and used to be able to email support but now am directed to the forum for support… 

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Have you tried clicking on   Help  in the eM menu and then Get Support?  That’s how I do it in eM Client 6 Pro.     

Yes and it now links to this forum in version 7… 

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This is what I get from Help/GetSupport    in eM Client 6 Pro:

Got Page Not Found - 404.  

Did you intend to send us there?  lol

I get exactly what you posted as an image from that url:

I suppose after logging in as a registered pro user at least one gets what you posted…

Yes, good to know that you get that, too…  :)   My understanding is the Pro users get VIP Support.  

Or, do those who use eM Client free get sent to the same location, me wonders?

And the people at em client are really silent on the subject… Have we lost support we paid for when we bought the licence???

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Don’t know, personally, as I haven’t had the need to use VIP Support so far.

Yeah, but once I get there the email address I used to buy eM is declined with a message saying it’s not in their system…