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Hi Again.

I struggled for a few days with the  infamous ‘An item with the same key has been added’.  This error blocked the product from getting my mail.   As you all appreciate, fetching mail is the most basic concept of a mail client.  So I really anticipated their full support to show me their software worked.  I emailed Sales telling them I was ready to open my wallet to purchase a pro license.  Not because I need one, but because I like what I see.  

I received a reply with some instructions that failed to solve the problem. I reported back to the fellow but was disrespected with no reply.  As it is, I ended up solving it on my own  (day 4).  I am really happy! :slight_smile:   It’s a fantastic email client!.  And I am now able to recommend this product on Windows 10 forum as a great replacement for the failing MS live Mail.  

My question here:  Can I expect anything better than my above experience from the VIP support, if I buy the lifetime license ?  

Note: I am not commercial, and I am using it only for our 2 accounts (moi and wife). Now I am tempted to just give it to them anyway, just for the great software.  But they aren’t asking for a donation.  They are selling VIP support, Multiple accounts, and commercial use…  This sheds a different light for me. I will expect some efforts at support if I become in need.  And a no reply is well:  plug in your own cuss words…  ‘nasty’… comes from some polite brain cells i have in there somewhere…

best regards, 

I have always had timely, helpful VIP support.

Hi Jay,

That’s what I like to hear. Do u get phone or just email support. If the latter, what hemisphere do u live in. I’m in North America MST time zone. Email I received from em Client sales was always in the middle of the night. So email communication is 24 hour turn around time in this time zone.

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I typically get emails but I have had them do teamviewr session. I am in California.


Thanks for your reply.   Sounds like I had a bad experience with one of their Sales representative whom still hasn’t answered by last email with a plea to show me the courtesy of a reply so that I wasn’t hanging.  

I will pick up a VIP license then.   thanks again.  

Hello Allan,
sorry to hear you had bad experience with our staff, but please understand that support isn’t work of our Sales department :slight_smile: (and they are rather busy, so sorting through messages meant for support can be quite tiring after a while, hope you can understand)

We do not provide phone support, as mails mixed with TeamViewer are usually enough to resolve most issues.
Do give our PRO support a try when you experience any issues as I’m sure they will gladly assist you.



Surely u appreciate need to get eM client running before wanting to shell out cash fror the license. I have , btw , done just that as I stated I would once I got the app working.

When forum searches showed nothing on my specific errors, and no phone number offered, then that left the sales email on your web page. And still wanting to get it working before license purchase, it’s logical to assume the only contact of sales on your site would be set up to quickly trouble shoot the startup issues.

Perhaps a recommendation could be looked at by your team. If there was a special section right up front on your web space dedicated to problems getting eM client up and running, it would solve the overload of queries to your sales personnel. Perhaps charge a nominal fee of say $15 ( non commercial user) only collectible if you get the app running ( data imported and accounts collecting mail), but deductible with license purchase. A thought is all.


Hello Allan,
we want to encourage users to post to forum - if we provided a support mail address it would be flooded with requests and the solutions would not be public for other users to find.
The solution here would be to create a new post (which are easier to detect for me anyway).

Also, since we have a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, it is safe to buy the license, try the PRO support, and ask for a refund if you are unhappy with the solution or software :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback and recommendation of course.
We are currently working on adding to our FAQ section which would hopefully also help with some basic problems that users might encounter during initial setup.