Views, tabs in em client?

with apple mail app, it allows me to create smartfolders that i use to sort mail - i create smartfolders to gather mail like this:

all incoming mail for the day
all incoming mail for the day before
all incoming mail for the week
all incoming mail for the previous week

then i can create tabs for each, so i can switch to them when looking for email received in those time periods

does em client have something similar in terms of setting up filters i could turn on to do the same thing ?

eM Client has “Favorite folders” which you can enable at the top left, which can then see eg:- all inbox mail from all your various mail accounts. Also read unread mail from all accounts etc, and can also allow you to add / link any of your mail account folders / sub folders or labels to the favorites in whatever order you want. Its if you like the customize area to see whatever you like at the top from all mail accounts.

So, there is no actual Tabs like Apple Mail to customize in eM Client, but you may find Favorites useful.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General” and place a check in the box marked “Show Favorite Folders”. Then Save & Close. The favorite folders will then appear at the top left in eM Client.

To add an account folder / label to Favorites, “Right Click” on your folder or label and then click “Add to Favorites”. Once the folder / label under favorites, you can then drag it up or down in the order you want. You can also drag the default favorite folders up or down in whatever order you like.

(eM Client V9.2.1222 for Windows adding Favorites example below).



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thanks for those suggestions … i think i can find a way to work with that in the absence of tabbed views in em client.

tabbed views are nice to have, but the problem with Apple Mail was that the columns in the view link their size/width to the smartfolder they were opened for, and those columns do not remember their widths, especially if the main window is resized (such as switching between laptop screen and external display). so that you can likely imagine is annoying to have to tinker with.

found no real logic to how macOS wants to handle tabbed views in most apps, except that with Finder it’s consistent at least.

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