Viewing Total Number of Messages Per MailBox/Folder

How can one change the mailbox tree view to display total number of messages in any folder/mailbox instead of the total number of unread messages?

EM Client don’t support this configuration at the moment.

This feature will be very useful for me too!

Still no chance you will make this feature available ? I like this option very much in Thunderbird…


in next major releas (6th) there is shown info (unread and total)

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I see this feature already in V5, in the right bottom corner. It states the total amount of read and unread messages. But it would be nice if this info is available next to every folder on the left tree side. :slight_smile:

something like this, using an add-on in thunderbird…

Yes, I was little cofused by that,

Anyway it is not currently planned in the way how you would like to have it, but if more people would request this then we would put it there.
Now we focus on features requested by more people.

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If I do a search in this forum, I’ve seen the question posted many times before :slight_smile: So I’m not the only one who would like this nice little feature :slight_smile:

yes, I understand, but our TO - DO list is quite big with features requested by more people than people who requested this.

nevertheless I will mark it as requested so it wont be completely forgotten.

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That would be great… I understand you have more things to worry about or things who are more important.

What is the status of adding a total count. I have latest release and don’t see it. Nice program otherwise but this would be a big drawback if missing.

I’m also very keen for this to be implemented.

I’m thinking why I would like to see the total number of e-mails in a certain folder…for me it doesn’t matter if a folder has e.g. 30 or 50 e-mails.

Why would you like to see the total number of e-mails in each folder?

Because it’s convenient, gives a better overview of your total mailbox, and I sort incoming requests in a low and high priority folder.

If eM would state the amount of messages in a folder, it would give me a direct overview of how many pending requests I have to handle without having to dig in the mailbox itself…

To give 1 simple example…

ah…so it helps to get an overview of the ‘work load’ … thanks for clarification, Kris.

why don’t you just have it listed in properties like outlook express does…

It also helps tell us if trash or junk is empty.  If all the emails are “read” there is no way to tell if I should empty the trash or junk.  if I read those emails before sending to trash or junk then I don’t always know which folders to empty  Automatic empty is always risky.  This is actaully a major contributor to my decision makng process since in the 3 days I’ve used the program this has come up several times already.  Sometimes it’s teh little  things that make all the difference.

Thank you for the suggestion we’ll consider adding it to future releases of eM Client.


I would love this feature. Right now it is hard for me to leave TB right now because of this actually. I mostly only need it for my inboxes because I use those like a ToDo list and there are often items that remain on the list for weeks and sometimes months. Would be nice if it could be turned on for specific folders but even a simple option for all folders would be greatly appreciated.

I recently noticed that the total message count for every folder is displayed in the window title when that folder or inbox is open.  I do still miss the total message count display for all folders but this is able to fulfill my immediate need for this feature.

Maybe that’ll be helpful to some of the others looking for this feature.

You can also right click a folder and select Properties to see the message counts for a folder that you aren’t currently in.