View unread/flagged mail for all accounts in all folders

How to view all unread mails from all account from all sub-folders at once.
How to view all flagged mails from all account from all sub-folders at once.
Cfr. MS Outlook (see image)

This has been requested before by me. It is very annoying to find mail from a day ago without any warnings and without a spot where I can see that I have mail in a folder besides the inbox.

Would also be nice to see the upper-folder bolded with the amount of mail unread. Personally I think that this an issue which needs to be implemented soon. People don’t like to read old messages which they had to reply the same day.

has this issue been resolved?


This is accomplished by creating a new search folder in the Global Folders section of Mail:

Right click the “search folder” icon, select “new item”.
Name the new folder “Unread Mail - All”
In the Search Query box enter "read:no
In the Folder Box, select “All Folders”

You don’t see it when you have disabled/hidden the Global Folders

So enable/unhide them.


So that you can see the unread messages in all folders. Wasn’t that the point of the initial request of this thread?

PLease read what the original poster asked. It has nothing to do with the global folders. The request was to show it on all (sub)folders as in Outlook.

Using a new search folder accomplishes the same result - it lets you see all of your unread mail from everywhere in one place.

I am sorry that I have seemed to upset you by trying to help out.

From now on, I will keep my knowledge to myself.

Thanks for posting.
Actually you should have “Unread” folder already among the default global folders - the folder should do the same as the search folder you suggest.

Hello Radjesh,
I believe the original poster asked what smkcpa suggested, i.e. to have folders that aggregate all unread or flagged items. This is done by global folders Unread and Flagged.

Unread counts are shown for every folder beside its name.

Bolding of parent folders if their subfolders contain unread items is not currently supported (also it isn’t Outlook’s default behaviour).



I am the original poster and I would like to make it clear that I want 1 folder showing all unread mails at once.

I will check the solution later today.

I’m sorry my 1-year old question wasn’t so clear to everyone and caused some impolite behaviour…

Kind regards.

And I’m sorry for my impolite behaviour. Wasn’t necessarily at all.

Apology accepted - after all, aren’t we all here for the same reasons - t help each other get the most out of our use of emClient?

Yes, it does. The only problem with that is all messages show up twice because they are in my individual IMAP folders and they are also in the IMAP folder called “All Mail”.

That is why I created a custom search folder and only checked off the folder called “All Mail”. Now each message only shows up once in my “Unread” search folder.

It works fine and the unread mails are shown only once in the search folder and twice in the standard unread folder!

Thanks a lot!

Too bad I didn’t see your question when you first posted it a year ago, but all’s well that ends well, right? :slight_smile:

yes, but it’s solved now so I’m happy! I just don’t know how to mark this post as answered…